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  • SweetPearl® is a naturally sweet tasting maltitol sweetener for food products. Without added sugar, this sugar substitute contributes to creativity, taste and wellbeing!
  • LYCASIN® maltitol syrup : maltitol syrup is a sugar substitute with a sweet flavour used in confectionery, chocolate, biscuit-pastry and dessert.

  • GLUCIDEX® maltodextrins & dehydrated glucose syrups:  source of carbohydrates, texturizer and fermentation substrate.

    GLUCIDEX® Premium maltodextrins & dehydrated glucose syrups: specifically suited for the safety of infants and applications with no heat treatment, like dry-mixing.

  • Mannitol sweetener is a polyol used in food industry especially in confectionery: chewy sweets, chewing gums and tablets.

  • Discover microalgae chlorella benefits: rich in vitamins, minerals, pigments & carotenoids and designed for balanced and health-giving meals.
  • A native maize starch with high amylose content. This starch is also a fibre source, a texturing agent and gives high resistant starch content.
  • NUTRALYS® pea protein is a plant protein with high digestibility and nutritional quality.

    NUTRALYS® pea protein range shows also a range of functional properties.

  • A native pea starch used in food applications for its gelling texturizing and thickening properties (meats, delicatessen, sauces pastas, creams, etc.).
  • A native starch from potato, which provides viscosity or binder effect.
  • PREGEFLO® modified starch is a texture enhancer range designed for many applications.
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