Glucose and glucose-fructose syrups

Sweetener | Texturizer | Spray-drying carrier | Anti-cristallizer | Binder
A very large range of glucose and glucose-fructose syrups for various applications.


Obtained after a short hydrolysis of starch polymers, glucose syrups have specific physico-chemical properties. Depending on their hydrolysis degree (DE= dextrose equivalent level), glucose syrups get different viscosity and hygroscopicity properties. 

Called maltodextrins when the DE is < 20 and Glucose syrups for a DE over 20, these products are used as sweeteners, texturizing agents, spray-drying carriers, anti-crystallizing agents and binding agents.

Product description


  • Product obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis of native starch
  • Viscous slightly sweet colourless or yellowish liquid


  • Anti-crystallizing agent
  • Texturing agent
  • Spray-drying carrier
  • Binding agent


  • Different DE and dry matter are available.

Registrations vary depending on local regulations.


  • Confectionery: hard or soft sweets gums, marshmallow, nougat, caramel
  • Cereal-based products: bread, cereal bars, flakes
  • Alcoholic fermentation: beer, wine, liquors
  • Beverages: sport drinks, syrups, energetic drinks, fruit juices
  • And a lot of other applications: jams, dairy, products, fondants, etc.


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