Glucono delta-lactone (GDL)

Acidifying agent | Progressive acidification

Glucono delta lactone is a cyclic ester of gluconic acid used in cheese, meat-based products and cooking products.


Glucono delta-lactone (GDL) is a cyclic ester of D-gluconic acid. The latter is obtained by fermenting glucose then crystallized in GDL form. GDL exists in its natural state in particular in honey and grape juice.

GDL is an acidifying agent that enables progressive acidification unlike other food acids.

It is used in cheeses, meat-based products, tofu and cooking products.

Production description


  • White odourless crystalline powder that is slightly sweet before developing an acid flavour.


  • Food additive E575 Specifications JECFA FAO FOOD & NUTRITION PAPER 52/2
  • FOOD CHEMICALS CODEX 3rd edition
  • US GRAS Status &ndash 21 CFR 1995 §184.1318

Registrations vary depending on local regulations.


  • Glucono delta-lactone SG - coarse
  • Glucono delta-lactone T - medium
  • Glucono  delta-lactone PL - fine


  • After solubilization, GDL hydrolyzes slowly into gluconic acid. The acidification resulting from this reaction is progressive, its intensity varies according to the concentration, temperature and substrate.
  • GDL is the food additive with the least acid flavour.


  • Acidity regulator
  • Raising agent reducing salt levels
  •  Improves the efficacy of preservatives


  • Cheeses
  • Meat-based products
  • Tofu
  • Cooking products (baking powder, pizza crust dough, biscuits)

Formulation assistance

Some examples of recipes developed by Roquette around this ingredient which have inspired fruitful developments on the market:

  • Mix for pizza crust dough
  • Salad seasoning
  • Sugar-free confectionery
  • Shrimp preserves


Bags made of PET, a waterproof material which protects this very hygroscopic product and prevents lumping.

For more information about packaging, please contact us.

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