Dextrose anhydrous

Dextrose Anhydrous | Natural sugar | Sweetener and texturizer

Dextrose anhydrous is a natural sugar. This glucose is used as a sweetener for chocolate powder drink, a texturizer, a bulking agent and an energy source.


Glucose or dextrose is the monomer of the starch chain (polymers). Glucose is also the sugar naturally present in the human body.

In its crystalline form this natural sugar has long been used as a sweetener and texturizer.

The Roquette dextrose range is large enough to satisfy every manufacturer request.

Product description


  • Dextrose anhydrous is a purified D-Glucose not containing crystallization water.
  • Dextrose anhydrous is a white crystalline powder with a neutral odour and sweet taste. 


  • CODEX STAN-212-1999
  • Directive 2001/111/EC (JOCE L-10 of January 12 2002)
  • Food Chemicals Codex 4th edition
  • US Code of federal regulations - 21 CFR § 168.110

Registrations vary depending on local regulations.


  • Dextrose anhydrous C - crystalline
  • Dextrose anhydrous CG - coarse crytalline grade
  • Dextrose anhydrous CF - fine crystalline grade


  • Sweetening power: 70 % that of sugar
  • Caloric value: 4 kcal/g
  • Molecular weight: 180.16 g/mol


  • Sweetener (chocolate spreads, biscuits, pastries, powdered drinks, etc.)
  • Candy filling (powder)
  • Ice creams
  • Aroma carrier
  • Energy source (beverages, confectionery, etc.)
  • Bulking agent (chocolate, drinks, powder mixes, etc.)

Formulation assistance

Some examples of recipes developed by Roquette around this ingredient which have inspired fruitful developments on the market:

  • Milk chocolate
  • Hazelnut spread


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